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Holidays Are for Giving and Sharing!

Holidays are for giving… and we are here to give you great tips and ideas for all holidays.


Christmas Holidays

Christmas Ornaments for the Holidays

Christmas  Ornaments

Easy Christmas  tree ornaments. This Christmas Angel Ornament is made from folding paper and putting string to hold it together. After making one try and spray it with a glitter spray paint and see it sparkle and shine.

Here you will find many great ideas.

Christmas Angel Ornament

Paper Clip Angel







Father's Day Gift Idea

Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas 

How about making your Day one of these cute little Candy filled pots? You could fill it up with all of his favorite candies, or you could do something that would make the candy look like it’s dirt. So many ideas to check out.

You may like these Ideas for the Father’s Day Holidays:

12 Quick Gifts for Dad 

Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas






Patriotic Wreaths

Patriotic Wreaths: 4th of July Holidays

There are several patriotic wreaths that are easy to make, but are beautiful.

Try these 4th of July Holidays wreaths:

Patriotic Wreaths


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